83.6% of people surveyed prefer biomee™ skincare to other products

A recent survey of biomee™ customers found that 83.6% prefer biomee™ to other products for relieving symptoms like dry, itchy, and red skin related to Sjögren's, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions.

In March 2022, biomeeTM sent out an online survey to customers of its online shop. The survey yielded meaningful insights into customers’ impressions and how they use biomeeTM products.

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Meaningful Insights
The survey showed that customers use biomeeTM products to relieve a variety of skin-related conditions.

Sjögren’s-Related Dry Skin
of people with Sjogren’s experience frequent issues with dry or itchy skin?3

62% of survey participants said they use biomeeTM products to relieve Sjögren’s-related dry skin. 91% of these respondents reported that they’ve tried biomeeTM Dry Skin and it performed better than other products in improving their symptoms.

Inflammation associated with Sjögren’s can reduce filaggrin levels and lead to dry skin. Filaggrin is vital to the skin’s ability to remain hydrated as it breaks down into water-binding amino acids or “Natural Moisturizing Factors” (NMF).

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Dry, Itchy, Red Skin
The remaining survey participants said they use biomeeTM products to relieve dry skin and other common conditions, such as itchy and/or red skin, eczema-related skin issues, and psoriasis-related skin issues. Similar to Sjögren’s, atopic dermatitis can also cause inflammation that reduces filaggrin levels and leads to dry skin.

People prefer biomeeTM to other available products
Survey participants reported trying over 25 different products in total before finding biomeeTM. On a scale of 1 to 10, 83.6% of participants rated biomeeTM products “7” or above when asked how they liked biomeeTM compared to the specific other products they’d previously tried.

  1. Online user survey performed by biomeeTM, March 2022
  2. Estimated by a rating of “7” or above when asked on a scale of 0 to 10 “How likely are you to recommend biomeeTM to a friend or family member?” and “How likely are you to purchase the same biomeeTM product(s) again?”.
  3. Sjogren’s Foundation (published in 2017), Living with Sjögren’s-report



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Study: biomee™ Dry Skin successfully alleviates dry skin symptoms in 87% of participants

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