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biomee™ – biotech derived skin care

With breakthrough research in urea- and filaggrin-derived skin conditions, we offer a novel approach to soothing dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Integrating unique PAD™ Technology, we develop cosmetic products with a pharmaceutical mindset, uncompromised ingredient integrity, and GMP regulated manufacturing.


Restore the natural strength in your skin ecosystem with biomee™

biomee™ skin care products are designed to support your natural skin ecosystem. biomee™ is a new class of creams that is both powerful and pure.

Powerful, because each ingredient is carefully selected based on decades of research into the fundamental principles of healthy skin.

Pure. We do not take any risks with your skin.

All biomee™ products are based on PAD™ Technology, which make it possible to make creams and lotions that minimize the need for emulsifiers and, based on the skin’s natural composition, to add carefully selected ingredients in the proportions that support the skin’s natural ecosystem.

With the biomee™ skin care series you are guaranteed products developed from our ground principles, which we call our Fundamental Five.

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