Biotech-derived skincare

biomee™ is an innovative skincare line advanced by science and enabled by a new, patented formulation and delivery system—PAD Technology™. More than a decade of research and relentless refinement has gone into the development of biomee™, reaching a new level of sophistication in skincare.


Tailored to make a difference

With breakthrough research in urea- and filaggrin-derived skin conditions, biomee™ has been specifically developed to soothe and nourish dry, itchy, and sensitive skin that’s been damaged by urea exposure—or dehydrated because it lacks a vital protein called filaggrin.

Reliable skincare

Introducing a new level of lab-refined purity the biomee™ skincare line contains only carefully selected ingredients that benefit your skin. All our products are patented—and manufactured at pharmaceutical standards (GMP).


Effortless skincare

We believe that good skincare should be pleasant to use. That’s why all of our biomee™ creams are silky smooth, spread easily, and absorb quickly for an effortless skincare routine.

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biomee™ cream

Specialized care for your skin