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Powerful & Pure

The biomee™ skin care line is the result of more than a decade of research and development. It is instigated by a desire to develop skin care products designed to nourish and release the formidable natural powers of a well-balanced skin ecosystem.

The products are based on an in-depth understanding of the biology of the skin barrier and microbiome and practical experience in treating thousands of people with various skin conditions. With biomee™ we are proud to present a new skin care concept that we call Powerful and Pure.

We are guided by a simple unwavering formulation principle: We only use ingredients that research shows help restore and protect the normal skin ecosystem – and we add enough. Importantly, our innovative PAD™ Technology enables creams with many times less emulsifiers compared to known conventional creams and lotions. Our products are so pure, smooth, and fast absorbing that you will desire to use them in daily routines. This is important as troubled skin is often a chronic condition requiring life-long care.

Commercially available from May 2021