Your skin: A powerful ecosystem
that protects you

Your skin is a powerful physical barrier that prevents harmful microorganisms and irritants from entering your body.

It also retains moisture and nutrients inside your body. Your skin is a powerful ecosystem that protects you.

Sometimes your skin needs help

Sometimes, when certain life-style conditions disrupt the normal symbiosis in your body, or if genetic disorders result in lack of essential building blocks for maintaining a healthy skin barrier, your skin ecosystem needs help to thrive.

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body. The biology of the skin is both complex and amazing.

Professor, Med.Sc.D. Torkil Menné

Different skin disorders can have significant impact on your quality of life

Your skin ecosystem: A healthy skin barrier and skin microbiome

A healthy skin barrier and skin microbiome are important not just for your skin but your overall health. Essential parts of a healthy skin barrier are lipids (e.g. sebum) and amino acids. Amino acids are also known as Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF). Lipids and NMF:

  • protect your skin and fill the space between the cell like cement to seal the skin
  • contribute to the right acidic (pH) environment of the skin
  • NMF act like “water magnets” absorbing and retaining water in the skin. This keeps your skin moisturized and flexible

The skin microbiome: Millions of good microorganisms

The fetal skin of an unborn child is sterile, but immediately after birth, billions of ‘good bacteria’ and other beneficial microorganisms enter the skin. Together, these microorganisms make up the skin microbiome, which plays a vital role in protecting your skin.

Your skin microbiome:

  • interacts with your immune system
  • teaches your immune system to respond to harmful microorganisms
  • helps your skin produce antimicrobial compounds that protect you from harmful infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Natural oils and plant extracts are not sufficiently researched

Are natural oils and plant extracts good for your skin? While such ingredients may contain some molecules that are beneficial, they always contain many other un-characterized molecules and in quantities that vary significantly from time to time dependent on the growth environment of the plants. Many of such molecules can cause irreparable harm to your skin’s ecosystem, if not immediately then over time, and can result in e.g. skin irritation, photosensitivity, and allergic reactions. Why take this unnecessary risk? Therefore, we only use well characterized safe ingredients in carefully measured quantities in our biomee™ products.