Itchy Skin

Are you tired of red, itchy, and irritated skin? Most itchy rashes are not dangerous. However, that does not mean they cannot be irritating and almost unendurable if you are one of those where skin itching has become chronic. Then, soothing the skin may be all you can think about, and the itching may even disturb your sleep.

What causes skin itching?

Multiple factors can cause skin itching and irritated skin, and no one therapy can provide relief of all. In the following, you can learn more about skin itching caused by inflammation or caused by elevated levels of naturally occuring substances from a normal metabolism in a healthy body.

Itch and irritation caused by natural byproducts from metabolism

Red, itchy skin and dermatitis may occur when the skin is exposed to body fluids with elevated levels of naturally occuring body substances, which is formed as part of the normal metabolism in a healthy body. Exposure of the skin to body fluids happens from the inside or the outside during excretion from the body.

Byproducts from normal metabolism can cause itch and irritation in the skin

During the normal metabolism in a healthy body certain natural byproducts are formed and accumulated in the body fluids. Sometimes elevated levels of such byproducts occur and when exposed to the skin during excretion from the body they may cause irritation, chronic itch and dryness in the skin.

Itch in connection with inflamed skin

Inflammation in the skin may cause lower than normal level of certain proteins and amino acids in the skin and result in dry and itchy skin. Eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis are examples of inflamed skin conditions. To some, the itching is not a big problem, but to others, it can be severe and almost disabling and cause lack of sleep.