We help to reactivate the powerful and complex functions in your skin’s ecosystem

biomee™ is developed by MC2 Therapeutics Group and globally distributed by biomee ApS, Denmark – a part of MC2 group.

We are dedicated to redefining topical treatments to treat problem skin and release the full potential of the skin’s ecosystem.

We live by the following three rules – never to compromise safety, efficacy, or the way our products feel on the skin. Troubled skin is often a life-long condition requiring life-long care. biomee™ is a companion for life.

Our efforts started more than a decade ago – long before we even considered which ingredients to use for specific skin conditions. Our starting point was a targeted focus on the essential components in the skin’s healthy ecosystem. We did not let ourselves be limited by the technical barriers or the conventional way of thinking and making creams. The result was PAD™ Technology.

Once we had developed the PAD™ Technology, we turned our focus to understanding the root cause of chronic inflammatory skin disorders and dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. We wanted to understand why the skin barrier was out of balance for such skin conditions, and whether we could develop PAD™ creams that could help support the skin’s ecosystem with the help of ingredients that are normally already present in the skin.

We combined our expertise from years of research into the biology of the skin with our formulation philosophy, which we call our Fundamental Five. From here we proudly developed our biomee™ skin care line.

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