biomee™ — a paradigm shift in skincare

biomee™ is a new biotech-derived skincare line advanced by science and enabled by a new formulation and delivery system called PAD Technology.

It’s sophisticated skincare tailored for optimal efficacy – and it feels great on your skin!

Skincare based on breakthrough research

biomee™ is based on more than a decade of dedicated research within skin biology. A relentless pursuit to uncover the root causes of dry, itchy, and sensitive skin has led to a breakthrough in the understanding of urea- and filaggrin-derived skin conditions – and the discovery of new and better ways to approach these conditions. The biomee™ skincare line has been specifically developed to help soothe and nourish dry, itchy, and sensitive skin that’s either been damaged by exposure to urea or become dry because it lacks the protein, filaggrin.

Filaggrin deficiency

Filaggrin is a protein that occurs naturally in the skin. It is vital for the skin’s ability to remain hydrated because it breaks down into water-binding amino acids or “natural moisturizing factors” (NMFs). When the skin has low levels of filaggrin, there are fewer water-binding amino acids. Therefore, the skin becomes dry and cracked.

biomee™ Dry Skin is designed to alleviate filaggrin-deficient dry skin by replenishing the hydrating amino acids that the skin is lacking

Urea-exposed skin

From the inside: Kidney function often decreases with age. Therefore, urea can build up in the blood and cause modifications to the proteins and moisturizing amino acids in the skin. This damage to the skin barrier can cause dry, irritated, and itchy skin. In older adults, this is commonly known as elderly itch.

From the outside: Prolonged skin contact with urine (which contains urea) may significantly affect the genital area and cause itchy, fissured, painful, and red skin. The elevated concentration of urea on the skin causes modifications to the proteins and moisturizing amino acids in the skin. This damage to the skin barrier can cause red, irritated, and itchy skin.

biomee™ Itchy Skin is designed to soothe itchy skin that has been damaged by urea exposure.

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Reliable skincare

The biomee™ skincare line contains only carefully selected ingredients that benefit your skin. Most substances that are known to cause skin irritation and skin allergies originate in nature—surprisingly, this includes natural oils and plant extracts. While these ingredients might sound appealing, they can cause irreparable damage. With biomee™, we’ve reached a new level of lab-refined purity using only safe ingredients and purified oils in carefully selected proportions. And as an additional safety measure, all our products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards (GMP).

If we were to add vitamin E (found in avocado oil) to one of our products, we’d add pure vitamin E instead of the complete avocado oil, which may contain numerous unwanted substances.


Effortless skincare

Great skincare works wonders and is safe to use – but we also believe that great skincare should be pleasant to use. That’s why all of our biomee™ creams are silky smooth, spread easily, and absorb quickly for an effortless skincare routine. We think of it as sophisticated simplicity.


Based on the unique PAD Technology™

All biomee™ products are based on our unique and patented PAD Technology, a new formulation and delivery system enabling:

  • Formulations that spread easily, absorb quickly, and have a silky feel
  • Uniquely low amounts of emulsifiers (<1%), which are necessary to bind oil and water – but too much can wash out the skin’s natural lipids and damage the skin barrier


PAD™ Technology


Our fundamental five

  1. Always based on PAD Technology™
  2. Only completely safe and carefully selected ingredients
  3. Designed to recreate the skin’s natural and crucial pH levels
  4. Only well-established preservatives and in the lowest possible quantities*
  5. Inclusion of beneficial ingredients in sufficient quantities to make an impact on the skin.
*Preservatives are used in water-based products to increase durability by inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria.


biomee™ Itchy Skin | Soothe and relieve skin irritation and itching

biomee™ Itchy Skin

Designed to soothe itchy skin that has been damaged by urea exposure.

biomee™ Dry Skin 100 ml

biomee™ Dry Skin

Designed to hydrate the skin by replenishing amino acids lacking due to lowered filaggrin levels.

biomee™ Barrier Protection 100 ml

biomee™ Barrier Protection

Designed to protect the skin barrier when skin is exposed to external irritants.

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer 100 ml

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Unique and patented hand lotion with 83% alcohol – designed to sanitize and moisturize hands.