biomee™ skin care:
Designed to restore a healthy skin ecosystem

biomee™ skin care is designed to repair the skin barrier, harmonize the skin’s pH level, and maintain moist in the skin.

It is based on decades of research into the biology of the skin to understand how different chronic inflammatory disorders cause dry, sensitive, and itchy skin.

Powerful and pure skin care

We take no risks when it comes to your skin. Therefore, we only use carefully selected molecules that have a purpose – and that we can control.

Based on the unique PAD™ Technology

Our products are based on the unique, patented PAD™ Technology. This technology enables customized formulations that are both powerful and pure and appealing to use. Creams based on PAD™ Technology have a unique low amount of emulsifiers and only use safe preservatives in the lowest possible amounts. Powerful through purity.

biomee™ Anti-itch 100 ml

biomee™ Anti-itch

Designed to soothe and relieve skin itching.

biomee™ Dry Skin 100 ml

biomee™ Dry Skin

Designed specifically for dry skin due to filaggrin deficiency.

biomee™ Barrier Protection 100 ml

biomee™ Barrier Protection

Designed to effectively protect your skin from irritants.

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer 100 ml

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer

The world’s only hand-lotion with 83% alcohol designed to gently and effectively sanitize your hands.