biomee™ skin care:
The pure way to support the skin’s natural and powerful ecosystem

biomee™ skin care is a pure way of strengthening and preserving a healthy skin barrier, thereby supporting the skin’s natural and effective protection of you and your look – no compromises.

biomee™ skin care was developed based on decades of research into the biology of the skin and experience with treating problem skin and inflammation that cause dry, sensitive, and itchy skin.

Powerful and Pure Skin Care

We take no risks when it comes to your skin. That’s why we developed a new method of making creams, our patented PAD™ Technology. We carefully select every ingredient and molecule in precise proportions, which from our research and knowledge, are fully beneficial – no compromises.
We give you the power back of your skin.

Based on the unique PAD™ Technology

Our products are based on our unique, patented PAD™ Technology, which makes it possible to make creams and lotions with significantly fewer emulsifiers and preservatives, while at the same time allowing for the delivery of beneficial ingredients to the skin in a new way. Powerful and Pure through highly advanced pharmaceutical technology – PAD™ Technology

Natural oils and plant extracts can present a risk to the skin

We only use well characterized, safe ingredients and purified oils in carefully selected proportions in our biomee™ products. If we were to add Vitamin E to a product, which is found in avocado oil, we would add pure Vitamin E instead of the complete avocado oil, which may contain other unwanted substances.

It may sound appealing when cosmetic products claim to use “natural oils,” “plant extracts,” “essential oils,” and other natural ingredients. Even though these ingredients can have beneficial substances, they also contain other substances that constantly vary. The makeup and concentrations of substances in natural ingredients can vary based on where the plant was grown, when it was harvested, and how it was processed. Many substances in natural ingredient cannot be declared, and can cause irreparable damange to your skin in the short term or over time, including skin irritation, photosensitivity, and allergies.

‘The vast majority of substances known to cause skin allergies come originally from nature.’ ¹
Important to note: ‘Natural doesn’t mean allergy friendly.’ ¹

So why run an unnecessary risk?

biomee™ cream

Back in 2005 our principal scientist and researcher, Derek Wheeler, was asked a question from his wife – a question that to this day, more than a decade later is changing the entire way we look at creams and lotions: “I can’t find a single cream, that doesn’t give me an allergic reaction. You are a researcher, why can’t you make me a cream, that I am not allergic to? It can’t be that hard!

It wasn’t so straightfoward. Derek had worked in the cosmetic industry for many years and would go far to surprise his wife, but he knew that developing based on conventional creams and lotions wasn’t the right answer. They were simply not clean enough for his wife’s sensitive skin and had at the same time many technical barriers in terms of the blending of the right active ingredients and delivery to the skin. It took Derek several years, where he went through the literature in the field, tested and experimented before he was successful with developing an entire new and unique method of making creams and lotions through this PAD™ Technology.

All biomee™ products are based on this new and unique PAD™ Technology and therefore:

  • Contain far fewer emulsifiers. Emulsifiers can wash out the natural lipids in the skin and thereby damage the skin barrier
  • Require fewer preservatives
  • Ensures optimal delivery of active ingredients into the skin and thereby releasing their full potential
  • Make it possible to blend ingredients, that weren’t previously possible to blend

The innovation was PAD™ Technology, which fundamentally changed how we can now treat and nourish our skin in a Powerful and Pure way.

Since the innovation of PAD™ Technology we have studied and investigated a wide range of skin conditions to understand the underlying biology and causes, and gain insight into how we can best compose Powerful and Pure creams and lotions. Everywhere we looked, the fundamental principle applied: If you treat and support your skin’s natural ecosystem, you will release the strong and complex functions that are naturally found in the skin. With biomee™ you help to support and preserve a healthy skin barrier and activate the skin’s own natural and powerful protection – your skin becomes natural – you become natural – biomee™.

Our Fundamental Five

1. Always based on PAD™ Technology.

2. Contains only completely well characterized ingredients, which benefit your skin or are necessary for the stability of the formula.

3. Designed to recreate the natural and crucial pH levels in the skin.

4. Use of only well established preservatives, and in the lowest possible quantities.*

5. Inclusion of active ingredients in sufficient quantities to make a true difference and impact for your skin.

*”Preservatives are used in water-based products to increase durability by inhibiting growth of fungi and bacteria” ²

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biomee™ Itchy Skin | Soothe and relieve skin irritation and itching

biomee™ Itchy Skin

Light and fast absorbing cream that helps to relieve irritation and itch as well as soothes the skin

biomee™ Dry Skin 100 ml

biomee™ Dry Skin

Nourishing and moisturizing cream designed specifically for dry skin due to filaggrin deficiency and lack of amino acids.

biomee™ Barrier Protection 100 ml

biomee™ Barrier Protection

Smooth, non greasy cream designed to help protect your skin from external irritants.

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer 100 ml

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Unique and patented hand lotion with 83% alcohol. Developed to disinfect without drying out the skin.
Makes skin feels moisturized and smooth.