Hand Disinfection

Imagine: a hydrating hand lotion combined with 83% alcohol, so hands are moisturized and softened while at the same time sanitized to hospital standards.

Presenting: the world’s first handsanitizer lotion, made possible due to our unique, patented PAD™ Technology.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, have small children, travel a lot, or simply want to sanitize your hands while on the go, a lotion based hand sanitizer with 83% alcohol is an effective solution.



Alcohol at high enough concentrations in sanitizers kills harmful bacteria on the skin, that could otherwise lead to infection.

Frequent use of traditional hand sanitizers can dry out and damage the skin

COVID-19 has taught us that frequent use of traditional, disinfecting sanitizers often dries out and damages the skin, as the skin is stripped of its natural lipids. Hands can be left more dry, itchy, and prone to bacteria infection, such as from Staphylococcus.

If you have dry skin or atopic eczema, you are more at risk of developing contact dermatitis on your hands, because your skin barrier is already damaged.

To prevent drying out your skin and to care for your skin barrier, you can use biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion – a unique, patented hand lotion with 83% disinfecting alcohol. It is developed specifically for sensitive, dry, and irritated skin to avoid further drying out the skin. biomee™ Hand Sanitizer can also be used by anyone wishing for an effective hand sanitizer that also soothes and nourishes their skin.