Hand Disinfection

Would it not be nice if you could get a powerful hand sanitizer (83% alcohol) built into a lotion that at the same time would moisturize and nuture your skin? Well search no more as we are presenting the worlds first handsanitizer lotion.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, have small children, travel a lot, or just want to be able to sterilize your hands when you are on the go, a lotion based hand sanitizer is the efficient healthy solution.

Sanitizers kill bacteria

The main component in sanitizers is alcohol. It kills harmful bacteria on the skin that could otherwise potentially enter your body and cause disease.

Frequent use of traditional hand sanitizers can dry out and damage the skin

Repeated use of traditional sanitizers often dries out the skin. It strips the skin of its own natural lipids and leaves your hands more dry, itchy and prone to bacteria.

If you have dry skin or atopic eczema, you are more at risk of developing contact dermatitis on your hands, because your skin barrier is already damaged.

To prevent drying-out your skin and further damaging your skin barrier, you can use biomee™ Hand Sanitizer – it is the world’s first and only lotion with an alcohol content of 83%. It is developed specifically for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin to avoid further drying-out the skin. But it can be used by anyone who wants an efficient hand disinfectant that does not dry out their skin.