Hand Disinfection

Alcohol at high concentrations in hand sanitizers effectively kills harmful bacteria on the skin that could otherwise lead to infection. However, frequent use can damage your skin by stripping it of its natural lipids. This can leave your hands dry, itchy, and prone to bacterial infections (e.g., from Staphylococcus).

If you have dry skin or atopic eczema, you’re even more at risk of developing contact dermatitis on your hands because your skin barrier is already damaged.


Defeat bacteria while maintaining healthy skin

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, have small children, frequently travel, or simply want to disinfect your hands on the go, hand sanitizing is an effective solution. To prevent damaging your skin barrier, choose a sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Hand lotion with 83% alcohol

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion is a unique, patented hand lotion that contains 83% disinfecting alcohol. It combines the benefits of a moisturizing hand lotion and a highly potent hand sanitizer in one product, leaving your hands moisturized and softened—and sanitized to hospital standards.

This product is designed to maintain healthy skin while effectively disinfecting your hands to professional standards. The high percentage of alcohol means that it meets hospital requirements for hand sanitizers.

biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion uses our unique PAD™ Technology, and it’s been developed specifically for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin. It’s ideal for anyone who wants an efficient hand disinfectant that won’t dry out their skin.