pad technology

A new innovative formulation and delivery system

PAD Technology™ is a patented new formulation and delivery system – and the result of our researchers’ relentless pursuit of inventing a new method for making creams and lotions. PAD Technology™y sets a new standard in skincare by enabling the formulation of creams and lotions with far fewer emulsifiers and preservatives than conventional alternatives.

Emulsifiers act like soap and cause a ‘washout-effect’ in the skin where soap-like constituents wash out the skin’s natural oils. Therefore, fewer emulsifiers ensure better protection of the skin’s natural microbiome and naturally occurring lipids.

Designed for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin

Oil and water are essential ingredients in skincare, but they can only be mixed in a stable formulation by adding emulsifiers that bind oil and water together. For the first time, our PAD Technology™ enables us to mix oil and water into creams using just a fraction of the emulsifiers used in conventional products.

This is important because high concentrations of emulsifiers can negatively affect the skin microbiome and disrupt skin barrier structure and function. This leaves sensitive skin more vulnerable to irritants or harmful microorganisms. High concentrations of emulsifiers can also cause stinging or burning in cracked or damaged skin.

Creams and lotions you’ll want to use

PAD Technology™ enables a purified formulation that’s ideal for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Creams and lotions based on PAD Technology™ are fast-absorbing and can easily be applied on the go. They’re also non-greasy, which makes them pleasant to use in your daily skincare routine.

PAD Technology™ is used in topical drugs

Creams based on PAD Technology™ are so robust, well-documented, and potent in the delivery of beneficial ingredients into the skin that they’re also used in pharmaceutical applications that require the delivery of specific ingredients to targeted tissues.

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