pad technology

The secret behind powerful & pure

Our biomee™ products are based on PAD™ Technology, our patented method of combining water and oil into creams and lotions using far fewer emulsifiers and preservatives than conventional creams and lotions. Emulsifiers act like soap, and the fewer emulsifiers, the better protection of the naturally occuring lipids in your skin and the skin’s natural microbiome. In the base cream we add only ingredients that are well characterized and beneficial for the skin. The beneficial properties and the purity of these carefully selected ingredients in biomee™ products supports and strengthens the natural, strong, and complex functions in the skin’s ecosystem, which protect you and your look.

This is paramount for sensitive skin to overcome inbalances and causes that lead to skin conditions such as dry, irritated and itchy skin.

PAD™ Technology sets a new standard in skin care and makes new skin care innovations possible, such as the world’s first lotion based biomee™ Hand Sanitizer Lotion with 83% alcohol, which both soothes and disinfects skin. PAD™ Technology creams are fast absorbing and can easily be applied in daily routines and on the go.

More than a decade of research

Our efforts to develop products that release the full potential of the natural skin ecosystem started more than a decade ago. We developed the unique PAD™ Technology which made it possible to make a new class of cream and lotion that is both Powerful and Pure.

Based on the skin’s natural components
The PAD™ Technology enables us to mix oil and water in a new way that result in creams containing very low levels of emulsifiers and are thereby designed for use on sensitive skin. They are also non greasy, and therefore pleasant to use in your daily routines.

Far fewer emulsifiers
Our biomee™ products contain far fewer emulsifiers compared to conventional creams and lotions. Oil and water can only be mixed in a stable formulation by adding emulsifiers that bind oil and water together, but the PAD™ Technology enables the mixing of oil and water into creams using just fraction of the emulsifiers used in conventional products.

This is important, because high concentrations of emulsifiers can negatively affect the skin microbiome and disrupt skin barrier functioning, thereby leaving sensitive skin more vulnerable to irritants or harmful microorganisms. High concentrations of emulsifiers can also cause stinging or burning in cracked or damaged skin.

PAD™ Technology used in topical drugs

Creams based on PAD™ Technology are so robust, well documented, and potent in the delivery of beneficial ingredients into the skin, that they are also used in pharmaceutical applications that require the delivery of specific ingredients to the target tissues – thereby releasing the full potential of the product. For more information please visit: and