We restore your
natural skin ecosystem

biomee™ is developed within the MC2 Therapeutics Group and globally distributed by the MC2 group company biomee ApS, Denmark. We are dedicated to redefining topical therapies and releasing the full potential of the skin ecosystem.

We live by the rule of three – never to compromise efficacy, safety, or the way our products feel on the skin. Troubled skin is often a life-long condition requiring life-long care. biomee™ is a companion for life.

Our efforts started more than a decade ago – long before we even considered what ingredients to use for certain skin conditions. We started from nothing but the perspective of the essentials of a healthy skin ecosystem and went beyond technical barriers and limiting conventional thinking. The result was PAD™ Technology.

Once we had developed PAD™ Technology, we turned our focus to understanding the root cause of chronic inflammatory skin conditions and dry, itchy and sensitive skin. We wanted to understand why the skin ecosystem in such skin disorders are disturbed and if we could design PAD™ creams that could help restore a healthy skin ecosystem using ingredients that are normally present in the skin.

Combining expertise from years of research into skin biology and staying firm on our formulation philosophy of only using ingredients that are (1) fully characterized, (2) needed and (3) in the right quantities, we proudly developed the biomee™ skin care line.

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